Our Story

It was in March that the World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared COVID-19 as a pandemic, sending the world in waves of panic and lockdown. Almost overnight, sanitizers and surgical masks became crucial equipment for everyone’s health and unfortunately, the supply is unable to meet the demand at such short notice.

As such, people have resorted reusing the surgical masks, which is not advisable or keeping them in envelopes or plastic bags to extend the usage. Some have even casually been placing their surgical masks on tables during meal times or slipping them in their handbags while in the washrooms. This is highly NOT recommended as doing so will only expose the masks to an increased chance of pollutants.

To solve this matter, we are introducing the hygienic and protective Maskeeper, a temporary storekeeper for your surgical masks. Made from anti-bacterial material, Maskeeper is 100% environmentally friendly and sustainable and can be easily cleaned using water, alcohol-based hand rubs and sanitizing sprays.

Maskeeper is designed to hold both adults and children sized masks and compact enough to slip into your pockets when you need a break from wearing your surgical masks.

It is also hygienic and long-lasting for your safety, convenience and protection.